More info about the Gaerstone proposal…

This is the detail from the proposal:

cs020 detail

To put this into perspective, here is an aerial view of the area:

google map of gaerstone area 3

This shows Sandford Avenue up to the top junction with Hazler Road. The proposed development is outlined in yellow. It can be seen that it is only a short distance from Gaerstone Farm. Also shown, in green, is the current Development Boundary, which this proposal plans to move outwards to incorporate the CST020 site. The red line shows, importantly, the boundary of the Church Stretton Conservation Area; it can be seen that a good part of the proposed new site is WITHIN the Conservation Area.

Here is a view over Stretton from Hope Bowdler Hill:

view from gaerstone 2

The houses of Stretton generally fall into the far distance. The red line attempts to give an impression of what effect the CST020 development would have – introduction of far more intrusive housing in the foreground, destroying this beautiful view FOR EVER.

view from gaerstone 1

Another picture, from a slightly lower point, brings it into context with the farm. It also highlights the possibility of a precedent being set here, such that development could eventually extend even nearer to the farm, potentially along the road towards Hope Bowdler village. Importantly, the field this side of the currently proposed site, i.e. the one with the farm buildings in it, IS already identified as a “Long Term Potential SLAA Residential Site” (CST006), and so further development here is certainly anticipated.

Site Pictures

proposed gaerstone site 1
This is the field in question. Actually quite prominent, being on the saddle between Helmeth Hill and Hazler Hill.

proposed gaerstone site 2
The view from Gaerstone Farm track. Houses would be visible beyond the field boundary with the bushes. The field in the foreground is already identified for possible future development as mentioned above.

proposed gaerstone site 3

The view as you drive down Sandford Avenue towards the town. Housing on the field ahead would be visible at this point, severely detracting from Helmeth Hill to the right.