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The aim of this site is simply to help raise public awareness of the proposals by Shropshire Council in their latest Local Plan Review – Preferred Options and how this impacts on Church Stretton.

There are TWO proposed development sites in the latest plan:


A section of land adjacent to Sandford Avenue near the top of the hill towards Hope Bowdler.


The section of land adjacent to Chelmick Drive, between Chelmick Drive and Hazler Road/Hazler Orchard.

Here is the map from the council document:


The Gaerstone proposal is marked CST020, the Snatchfield proposal is marked CST021. Note also that the Permitted Development Boundary has been adjusted to include these sites, which were previously OUTSIDE the Development Boundary.

Both sites are of a significant size and it is shocking that the process has even managed to get this far, given that this is within an AONB, which by definition should give protection against such large developments.

For more info on each site, please see the individual pages for Gaerstone and Snatchfield.

Other Sites

It is perhaps worth having an awareness of other sites in the area that have been identified for possible future development. Please see the Other Sites page.